Thursday, June 9, 2011

one more thing to worry about...

read erin's post 'no pressure'...

image courtesy of the article babies: they may be catching

i'm not even going to make a big statement about this because i think all women my age go through this conversation in their head at some point. i too am 31, although never been married & probably not even that close to being married truth be it told. my parents ingrained in both their daughters that we should get a solid education, work on building a respectable career, find out who our real friends are, save a little money and then everything else will fall in to place (ie, "you'll meet a nice boy to share your life with") that's what we did, or i did at least (my sister met her future husband in 8th grade and they've been together more or less ever since).

so here i am at 31. things didn't exactly go according to plan for me, or at least the plan i had as a teenager to be married by 25 and have at least 2 kids before i turned 30...but i'm pretty happy with my life for the most part and wouldn't trade a lot of what i've done/experience for that former dream. do i want kids? absolutely. do i feel pressure to have them? a little. do i think i'm ready? are you ever really ready?

the pressure isn't necessarily from the outside as many people think it is. a lot of my friends don't have children & my parents aren't harping on me about it... it mostly comes from within. i'm afraid that the longer i wait the higher the risk for complications. the longer i delay motherhood the more tired i'll be trying to chase kids around in my older age. the longer i wait the greater the chance i won't/can't have them.

i KNOW many of my friends feel the same i'll leave it at that. just sucks we have to worry about it at all.

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