Thursday, June 23, 2011

back in the saddle...

i know i'm not fat by any stretch of the imagination, but i do wish i was a little more toned (and didn't have muffin top). i'm determined to get better about daily exercise & watching my eating habits. the boyfriend has been telling me for years now i should do this, and well, 3 years later i'm starting to listen. i made this little chart to help me, i need visuals to guilt/motivate me...

starting today, i've had a dunking donuts large unsweetened iced tea and a plain croissant= 320 calories according to their nutrition catalog...dang.

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  1. Hey B- just read this...if you want to get in the most ridiculous shape of your life, check out a local CrossFit...or just try doing paleo for 6 weeks. Crossfit is awesome and at my gym it's people of all shapes and sizes-

    But as far as Paleo goes, most girls who don't have much to lose, lose at least 6lbs of fat in 6 weeks...and although I didn't think I had THAT much weight to lose, I've lost 17lbs since January!??? I'm on to something with paleo making me feel fucking awesome, just way more healthy in general, and way less migraines...just some food for thought... Check it out and if you want some resources I'll hook it up. Ok Walk SOON for reals..