Wednesday, June 8, 2011

new friends that feel like old ones...

last night i had the great pleasure of having dinner with two ladies i meant through blogging...see people, not all meetings through the old internet are sketchy!

i met amanda from orchard cove photography a few summers ago when she was photographing our friends wedding in vermont...and then i was introduced to sarah from going starfishing via amanda. both are so super talented, and i read their blogs religiously, and was delighted when they told me they were coming to boston for the day/evening and wanted to get together...hello, how awesome are these people? meeting them last night for the first time was so easy, it was like we had been old friends for so long...don't you just love when that happens? i seriously hope i get to spend a lot more time with these girls in the future! thanks amanda & sarah!

1 comment:

  1. SUCH a fun meeting - we'll have to do it again. I hope you found your phone!! xo