Monday, June 29, 2009

please go away rain...

image courtesy of

this is the most depressing forecast for the week. it feels like it's been raining here in boston the entire month of june, no joke. i am desperately hoping that the weather forecasters are wrong for this coming weekend too, 4th of july is one of my favorite holidays and i am determined to put my bathing suit on and be outside on the beach! but instead, i might have to trade it in for this look...

the hooded trench coat from burberry

hybrid floral printed walking umbrella from cox the saddler

limited edition hunter wellies for cowshed from hunter

Sunday, June 28, 2009

and the emmy goes to...

my old family friend, drew, won an emmy last night for his editing on a news piece he did for atlanta's news channel 11 on president barack obama. congrats!!! it's a major award, and truth be it told, it's a little funny that the goofball kid i've known since birth has hit it so big time. his girlfriend was there with him at the ceremony and called his mom immediately to tell her he had won... you can imagine how the word spread quickly of his big award between our mothers even bigger mouths, so it wasn't long after that i found out too.

here's the incredible piece he created...

and you can get a glimpse of his going up to accept his award here (hint: he's the one who does a nice spin move as he approaches his award, it's towards the end of the video clip)...

lazy dog sunday...

yet another dreary day in june. the dogs and i are lying around, dreaming of being outside. poor babies haven't been swimming nearly as much as they'd like to this summer so far...

i'm a lucky girl...

despite the sadness of the weekend, i had an incredibly lovely night with my favorite man. we sat on the rocks with a bottle of wine (and my camera) and reflected on life, family and our relationship. and as we watched the sun go to sleep over the harbour, the clouds and water tinted various shades of blue, purple & pink, i knew this would always be a special spot and a special moment to me.

out at the point in winthrop

boston city skyline through the fog

he wasn't thrilled being the main subject of the photo shoot i insisted upon, but i never wanted to forget this moment with this man...

the most handsome man ever

Friday, June 26, 2009

celebrating life...

this has been a very difficult week for a family that has become extremely important to me over the last year; they lost two loved ones to cancer. as i spent this weekend with them & their extended family saying goodbye to the ones they have loved for so long i was reminded just how important it is tell the people in your life how much you appreciate them. the simple act of saying thank you, i love you, you are important to me and i value our friendship/ relationship can never be said enough.

with the passing of one life there also comes the entrance of new ones. i've been blessed to come to know two little bundles of joy this year, and i cannot get enough of their peaceful faces. i am thankful for them, their health and their happiness...

baby reese...

and little tim...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

take your dog to work day...

don't forget, tomorrow is the official take your dog to work day! this little darling gets to come with me every day to the office... you can tell, she's clearly been working too hard today, nap time!

get to know me...

random things about a person sometimes give you a little extra insight into getting to know them...thought i'd share a few useless ones with ya'll...

i’d most like to live: in a farmhouse with a big porch and lots of land around me

the next place i’d like to travel to: budapest or paris

my absolute favorite city: portland, maine (i'd even more there)

image courtesy of northshore magazine

if i could have a different job (regardless of the schooling or pay): graphic designer or event planner

my guilty pleasure: manicure/pedicure

image courtesy of getty images

pet peeve(s): being late, not saying please/thank you

the food i could eat every day for every meal: mexican food

image courtesy of corbis

i mostly drink: coca-cola in a can, i’m addicted

holiday i wish would come more than once a year: it’s a toss up between 4th of July & Thanksgiving

a movie i’ve watched over & over: the sound of music

favorite song to sing out loud in the car: geggy tah’s whoever you are (bout only with my sister!)

flowers i’d like to have on my table each week: hydrangeas & white lilies

image courtesy of bellisimo flowers

a color i can’t live without: every shade of blue

interior designer(s) i admire: kate singer, nathan egan, victoria hagan, jamie drake... the list goes on & on & on...

fashion designer who gets my style: james perse

you can most likely find me wearing: 7 jeans, a wife-beater and flip flops (tres chic)..OR more likely, my hobart sweatpants & sweatshirt

favorite sunday activity: all day cooking/eating, watching football, catching up on all my magazine reading, hanging out with the with the dogs & the boyfriend

one thing i’ll never do: go to bed mad

i could do this for hours and never get tired of it: talk on the phone with my mom

image courtesy of corbis

person(s) i miss terribly: my grandparents, all of them

grandma & grandpa, lake george 2006

my biggest fear: getting alzheimer's like my grandmother and forgetting all my memories

dork fact about me: i'm a member of daughters of the american revolution (DAR)

my middle name is:
pennington (it's a family name on my grandmothers side)

today i'd rather be: sitting in warm weather and sipping on a drink (not doing work, that's for sure!)

image courtesy of getty images

what's inside pandoras box...

last night i did a quick walk through of the mall (which happens to be about 2 blocks from my apartment, very dangerous proximity to my wallet) and stopped in the new pandora store they put in about a year ago. i was first introduced to this new style of charm bracelet by my mom's friend cynthie a couple of years ago, and received one as a gift this past christmas. i love it, but i only have one charm and one spacer on it as of now. i prefer to mix the silver and gold together, so it's nice that they have just plain silver, just plain gold and then a combo of the two. i even have a few of the typical style of charms that i was thinking about bringing to a jeweler to have attached somehow. in the meantime, i decided to compile a wish-list of the next pandora charms i'd like to acquire...

all images courtesy of pandora