Wednesday, October 19, 2011

wonderful idea...

first of all, i want to live in this house (but maybe double the size). no joke...

second of all, if you haven't read leyla's
post yesterday on the lettered cottage, then do it, now. such a wonderful idea for a post. i tried to think of my own advice to my 17-year-old self, and they'd go a little something like this (i'm sure not nearly as profound and insightful as layla's though)...

1. all that fighting with your parents is a colossal waste of time, nothing in your life at 17 is worth all those angry words and tears.

2. pay more attention to the stories your parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles are telling, they (or their lasting memories) won't be around forever to tell them to you.

3. don't be mean to the uncool kids, they are going to be the most successful and kind people in the end, and you'll wish you were friends with them.

4. you know how many friends you 'think' you have right now? yeah well, divide that number by five, add your two parents to the list and that's how many 'real' friends you have now.

4. even though your sister is your mortal enemy now...oh wait, she'll still be a big pain in the ass even when you're in your 30's, just remember she's the only one you've got.
..and she's not as bad as you think

5. don't wish you were grown up and out of your parents house so fast, life is expensive.
and don't spend your babysitting money on stupid crap now, save it for when you're older and want to buy a house!

6. you are NOT going to marry your high school boyfriend (thank God), or your college boyfriends, or some of those guys after don't waste another minute worrying about them. you will look back and say 'what the F was i thinking?!?!'

7. do well in school not because you have to in order to get into a good college, but because you'll end up wishing you paid attention more. and read those books they assign you, cause you're going to end up re-reading them as an adult anyway, and for fun!

8. play sports as long as your body will let you, you'll regret it, i promise.

9. always tell the truth, admit fault and say you're sorry...always.

10. embrace difference & change, you're going to learn a lot.

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