Tuesday, June 29, 2010

photos from around the world...

this is me at erin's 30th birthday celebration last weekend, downloading a bazillion of marc's incredible photographs from his trip around the world where he cooked his way through the different countries he visited over a 20 month period. i haven't seen him in over 2 years and i literally sat at his computer for like 2 hours during the party dragging & dropping images onto a couple of disks. marc is in the process of making a cookbook/photograph book as a wedding present to his brother & future sister-in-law, and promised me he'd make me a copy too, but who knows if that will actually ever happen. so i'm making a coffee table book for myself (and him) of the images and putting some of his own words throughout the pages taken from his travel blog.
here are some of his masterpieces...seriously, these are amazing, he should be like a travel/food journalist or something...


  1. So random, but I love your dress in this photo! Would you mind sharing where it is from?

  2. out of all those photos you pick my dress, i'm flattered. i bought this dress last summer at a boutique on newbury street in boston called lit. i tried to look up the label, collective clothing, but couldn't find this exact dress. sorry i couldn't be of more help meredith.

  3. haha! of course the photos are amazing! but you look too cute in the dress- i just had to ask! thanks for letting me know!