Tuesday, June 8, 2010

closet envy...

no, i haven't seen the movie yet. i do like sex and the city, but i'm not obsessed with it like some girls. however, i've been urged to see this movie for the set design alone. i just read this article in the ny daily news about production designer jeremy conway who did all the work on the movie and i must admit, i'm intrigued.

When Big pops the question, "Should we get you a diamond?" Carrie's response offered up a fun design challenge for Conway. "No, just get me a really big closet," she says - and the designer delivered in Big-style. "It's a version of the closet you've seen in her apartment, but on steroids," he says.

i love big & carrie's closet, the more masculine 'his' side on the left, and the ultra feminine 'hers' on the right, all in one space...i need this closet...

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