Wednesday, June 30, 2010

i heart this dress...

no, i am not getting married, not any time soon anyway. but i'm sort of obsessed with wedding dresses lately, especially ones that don't cost a small fortune. i love the idea of reusing your mother or grandmother's dress, OR, having one especially made for you. something unique, something no one else can just buy from a store. so when i got my daily etsy finds email today and came across the etsy shop fairy tale weddings i was immediately smitten with the sarah dress. i think this might be the dress i wear, someday...

check out her website too.


  1. That ones a dead ringer for a J. Crew gown that I photographed last summer with a much larger price tag!!

  2. oh wow, it's identical! i like the other one, and the price of it, better anyway. i have a love hate relationship with j. crew anyway, i'd rather give an independent seamstress my business than j. crack any day.