Saturday, June 19, 2010

happy father's day...

meet my dad...

did you know i have the best dad in the world? yup, i do. he raised two totally awesome daughters; he never missed a sports game or school event of ours, he bought us everything our bratty little hearts desired, he took us on wonderful vacations, he dragged us to church, he dealt with my nonsense for 4 painful years of high school (but i turned out pretty good after all), he sent us to college, he still takes us out to eat on our birthdays even though we don't live at home anymore, he keeps bedrooms for us when we do come home, he gives us advice, he watches sports with us on tv and takes us to games too, he buys us sweet ny yankees, mets & giants tshirts, he sends us jokes via email, he likes to embarrass us with his dance moves, and he calls us or writes us letter to tell us how proud he is of us and how much he loves us, and often. oh, and he reads my blog too. pretty awesome dad right?


ps- stay tuned for some old school photos of dad, i've got some good ones...did you know he used to be a natural blonde? we get our blonde locks from BOTH our parents apparently!

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