Tuesday, June 8, 2010

office conversation...

have i mentioned how much i love where i work? i laugh out loud here every single day, honestly.

let me give you a little snippet of a conversation this afternoon between my boss and the office manager. background info: my boss is awesome, says whatever decides to fly out of his mouth at any given moment, is totally sarcastic, but a very savvy business man and is originally from new jersey. he typically wears shorts, t-shirts, a baseball cap and converse. the office manager is well spoken, well read, rule abiding, super kind and funny in her own right. she's always dressed much nicer than most people in the office. she's originally from the north shore.

office manager: 'why don't you steal a few of their employees away from them then?'
boss: 'you read my mind. for a catholic girl you're awfully coniving.'
office manager:
'why do you think i went to confession every week?'
'you catholic girls are all alike, sinners!'

ok, maybe it's not as funny if you're just reading this, but trust me, spend a day in my office and you'll want to work here too. it's unlike any office you've ever worked in!
just look at these characters...

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