Friday, January 18, 2013

my challenge to you...

got some extra cash lying around? ok, me neither. but sometimes you just have to cut back on those lattes, mani/pedi's, and random trips to target and put your money towards something for the greater good. i first heard about indiegogo when my friend jenny was fundraising for her new business venture.  it's an incredible vehicle for people trying to raise start up money for things they really believe in, and for people like you & me to help them bring those ideas to fruition. 

so here's my challenge to you... go check out indiegogo and browse through the awesome listings. find one you like and make a contribution... and if you're feeling especially generous this year, try to find one a month to donate to. seriously, some of them are as little as $1...i know you can do it! and you'll be a better person for it, i promise.

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