Monday, October 15, 2012

do your part...

i am a big believer in supporting local businesses...especially super rad ones like the one my friend jenny is involved in. i've blogged about second wind sails for a long time now, but you've got to check out her video campaign on indiegogo and see what she's all about now with her newest venture, onshore designs. have no idea what indiegogo is? i didn't either, so in her words...

it’s a website that is an online funding platform for projects- so basically people come up with cool ideas- tell their story with a video and ask for “pledges” - monetary donations to complete their project, and in return, give rewards for prospective pledges. There is no limit to how much you can raise.

I know many of you have been with me on this journey from the very start, and without your support, SWS would have never made it, and for that I am forever grateful. Just know that Second Wind is still alive and well, and definitely part of the big plan moving forward but I want to protect it as a niche brand and start a revolution for “hand crafted” and “Made in America” in a way where I can reach hundreds and thousands of people- which is where ONSHORE lifestyle clothing and accessories comes in.

her video is amazing, so cool right? i really like seeing young, talented, socially responsible people succeed. and i don't ask for a lot, but  PLEASE, donate to this super awesome will not be disappointed, i can promise you that.

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