Sunday, January 20, 2013

girlfriends for life...

do you have good girlfriends in your life? the kind of friends that you may not necessarily see all the time, but when you do you pick right back up where you left off? the kind you laugh so hard with that you cry and nearly pee your pants? the kind that the minute they leave you try to figure out a way to buy up all the houses are around you so you can give them to your girlfriends so they can be your neighbors and walk over in their sweatpants and drink wine with you? well, i do. i have great girlfriends. i have girlfriends from high school and ones from college. i have ones that i read books with and i have ones that i craft with. and the thing i love about all these girlfriends is that each one of them brings something unique and beautiful and special to my life. i am so proud to call these girls my friends.

this past weekend my two college besties came to have our own wonderful mini reunion- a sweatpant slumber party, breakfast, mani/pedis, shopping, and some dinner & drinks, and lots of lots of laughs. i LOVE these girls...

next weekend i get to see another group of girlfriends for our martha-stewart inspired weekend in little compton...and the weekend after that i'm headed to portland with my high school besties for a little r&r spa weekend. GIRLFRIEND WEEKENDS ARE THE BEST!!!

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  1. YAY! I love all 3 of you! Girl time is the BEST time.