Thursday, January 17, 2013

montana is calling

i've been dreaming about montana lately. i've never been, but my dreams are leading me bones are aching for the big sky country. the blue expanse of heavenly skies, the strong standing mountains, the wild rivers flowing...i want to try my hand at fly fishing (says the girl with no upper body strength). of course, i'm hoping to have a brad pitt look-alike fly fishing instructor like in a river runs through it.

i'd like to visit glacier national park before the glaciers disappear. i'd like to step into yellowstone national park and see old faithful before she dries up. maybe see a few heards of wild bison roaming free before they no longer exist. catch a few fish on my line in the rivers and throw them back. layout on a riverside boulder and be kissed by the montana sun. doesn't it sound like such a romantic place?...


  1. Montana has been on my list forever. I have a friend out there who has told me stories about the sky that would get you on a plane tomorrow. Let's book a trip for the same week! LOVE YOU & SEE YOU TOMORROW! OMG!

  2. ok, so seriously, we must be the same person.
    montana has always been on my "must see" list.
    i used to dream of being a kindergarten teacher in montana and riding horses all afternoon. of course, coming home to my cowboy/fly fisherman/ brad pitt significant other.
    big sky.