Wednesday, March 28, 2012

reunion bunkin'...

this summer is my 10 year college reunion. yes, i am old. i would like nothing more than to have a hotel room that looks like this so that my girlfriends and i could all stay in one room and gossip all night together...not that they'll be much sleeping going on...

5 years ago we did all stay in one hotel room, two beds...normally this would be fine except one year i woke up with my dear friend and i wrapped around each other like lovers. it was awesome & hilarious, but i have a feeling her fiance might not think so...or, maybe he would? hahaha!

1 comment:

  1. this just made my day!!!! i was reading this thinking - could she be talking about me?! i feel like a superstar. i was daydreaming about the ten year today. i'm literally SO excited. let's do one room! why the hell not?! wish we could bring our doggies. i love you. so much.