Thursday, May 16, 2013

the truth about your 30's...

i've never known how to express exactly how i feel about this issue...but i'm so glad that erin gates from elements of style did...she could not have read my mind/heart better if she tried. so well written & thought out, and so, so, true...  

read her post, 'on being in your thirties'.

there is SO much going on in your life when you are in your late 20's & early/mid 30', financial burden, buying homes, dating, marrying, divorcing, pregnancy, miscarriage, etc. and you always feel like you're being judged, one way or the other, by your peers, your family, your self. sometimes all of these things start to interfere with one another too, create rifts in friendship, make you self doubt, even create jealousy and irritation within you...i know that have for me.

thank you erin, really, thank you. you are not alone.

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