Friday, May 24, 2013

high end vs. low end...

do you know about copy cat chic? if you don't, you should. high end design replicated on a low end budget....just want i need. i think this concept is what everyone should strive for in their home. my god, if i spend $5,000 on a couch and my couch got messed up i might seriously slit my wrists. but if i got the couch for a fraction of that cost (in my case it would have to be like a $600 couch, that's how broke i am), then my wrists might stay in tact should the dog F it up. and if you're anything like am, in 3 years from now i'll want a new damn couch anyway because it doesn't "go" with the redesign of the dang living room.

yeah, so now i totally need this rustic outdoor dining set...minus the chandelier since i don't have a covered back porch of course...

seriously, go check out their post for the prices of their room redo.

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