Monday, May 6, 2013

best purchase ever...

there are perks to be a crazy person and planning your entire wedding in one months get to spend the rest of the time on crafting projects or hunting for treasures! i dragged my sweet girlfriends (and one super adorable dog) out to worcester on sunday to hit up crompton collective for their vintage wedding inspired weekend event. and despite the fact that we spent a beautiful cinco de mayo afternoon in worcester (although i was pleasantly surprised by the area, not at all what i thought it was going to be like) we had a pretty nice time. 

i got a few great items for our sweet summer wedding...including this bad boy...

not surprising, both my mother and future sister-in-law have volunteered to help test out what candies we should fill it with. isn't it so cool? even after the wedding i think it'll be a fun piece to have in the house...who knows, maybe we'll fill it with little dog bones for the dogs, could be useful.

1 comment:

    love love love.
    might need to steal.

    ok, so HOW WAS CC??!? been dying to get there FOREVER! worth the trek?