Thursday, October 18, 2012

teeth cleaning...

i went to the dentist this morning, i know, who cares right? the dentist used to be my least favorite doctor of all time...and i don't have bad teeth. in fact, i have no cavities, i brush & floss religiously. but now that they use the cavitron (high pressured water & air) as opposed to the awful scrapping tool to clean off the plaque & stains life is much better. seriously, if you hate that noise as much as i do you should request it. in & out in less than 45 minutes.

the only part i ever really liked about going to dentist when i was a kid was the basket of prizes you got to choose from when it was all over...what the hell, why don't they do that for adults? i mean, i did get this super cute pouch of dental goodies when i left, so i guess that's their adult equivlant?...

it would be so much cooler if they gave you like a new pair of winter boots, or a nice david yurman bracelet, right?


  1. Wait whaaaaaat? There's an alternative to the scraping - it's my least favorite noise of all time and I am one big ball of stress when I'm in the dentist's office sometimes holding my breathe. Oy - I just suffered through it on Tuesday...definitely going to be inquiring about this one!

  2. Haha I went to the dentist on Thursday a.m. also! However, I had the nasty scraping! I need to ask about this cavitron.