Friday, April 6, 2012

dreaming a little dream...

i've been having some pretty vivid dreams lately. the night before last i dreamt about my grandma and cousin melissa, they were on the side the road picking wild flowers and i stopped my car to talk to them. i had a full on conversation with my grandma, which i haven't been able to do in the last decade because of her alzheimer's disease. i woke up crying because her voice was so real, just the way i remember it. i think it has to do with that easter photo of my aunts & uncle in her old kitchen that i posted a few days ago...

grandma circa 2000

last night i had a dream that my rear teeth were crumbling in my mouth. this is an awful dream, let me tell you. i woke up this morning wondering why i would dream such a thing, there must be a reason. and then i came across this explanation:

Crumbling Teeth: Crumbling teeth dreams means our fear of getting old. When you watch anything crumbling what image do you have of it? Our dream symbols act as metaphors so when you see your teeth suddenly crumbling it hits at your age and how you perceive yourself. Nobody wants to get old that why dreams of this nature have such a profound effect on us at a later age. These types of dreams are not something you should be alarmed about. You may just want to come to terms with getting older.

sweet dream huh? i love the advice 'you may just want to come to terms with getting older'. thanks jerk.

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  1. I've had this dream a few times over the years although the interpretations I looked up had two other possible explanations - losing your virginity (!!) or feeling a lack of control. Pick your favorite :)