Tuesday, April 17, 2012

a 30-year-old woman's dilemma...

a friend recently posted this article about the book the impatient woman's guide to getting pregnant on her facebook page. it's the age old question, the hot topic among most of my 30-something friends (most of whom are not married, nor becoming pregnant any time soon).

"I’ve spent the last decade or so trying not to get pregnant. Thanks to the simple and effective methods offered by modern medicine (and the feminist movement), it hasn’t been hard. For women in my millennial-ish age group, too-early pregnancy has been the freedom-choking bogeyman that kept you from getting to do all the things women are ready and able to do now—college, jobs, geographic relocation, delaying marriage, the list goes on. Unfortunately, all this nonpregnancy has a side effect. Women today are surpassing men in higher education, and may soon become America’s predominant breadwinners. There’s no doubt that when it comes to goal-oriented achievement, we’re kicking ass. Until, that is, the time comes (and it comes in our 30s, whether we like it or not) to perform the most elemental task that women can and have been doing for millennia—get knocked up."

sometimes i think i'm crazy for thinking about this so much, but i'm not, i know i'm not. there's nothing wrong with being 32-years-old, having a stable career, owning my own home, wanting to move forward with my life, with my significant other, and WANTING to start a family. impatient? yes, definitely. i put off having a baby so furiously to gain success in those things i do have in my life now, things which i'm proud of. but now i look at my life and i feel like a huge 'something' is missing...it's a hard feeling to shake, especially when there's no certainty of when or if it will happen.

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