Thursday, January 12, 2012

adventures of buying a washer & dryer...

image courtesy of my beautiful mess

this weekend (mlk day weekend sales, wahoo!) i'm headed out to sears to buy my very own washer & dryer, preferably a front loader so i can eventually build a counter top above it for folding clothes. unfortunately in my new house the laundry is not located in its very own special room, but rather, the dingy basement. i'm hoping someday in the future to refinish the basement and make a special space just for washing, drying, folding, & ironing like one of these lovelies...

image courtesy of decor pad

image courtesy of sweet nothings

image courtesy of kohler

image courtesy of birch & lily

image courtesy of elle decor

image courtesy of red clay soul

image source unknown (sorry)

image courtesy of decor pad

image courtesy of better homes & gardens


  1. Such lovely photos! Our first-ever new washer & dryer are going to be delivered in the next week, so this post is perfectly timed!

  2. i'm dreaming of my own lovely laundry room someday as well!
    if the mlk sales aren't awesome, you may want to check out this awesome resource here in PVD: I can bring you sometime... we got our stainless bosch dishwasher there last year for a steal and they always have a huge selection of front-load sets!