Tuesday, December 10, 2013

my extended list for santa...

even though i already sent santa my christmas wish list, here are a few other items i can only day dream about making it under my tree this holidays...some items are more budget reasonable than others mind you...and i don't expect to actually get any of them, but a girl can keep her fingers crossed...

night collars for the dogs (damn getting dark at 4pm)

ornament storage (i actually really need this)

glass food storage containers (i'm so over the plastic stuff)

this uber cool jacket (that i STILL want)

and this purse to match the jackets coolness
new long puffy jacket (because we are now a mtn. hardware family thanks to my awesome sister!)

macbook air (because my 2002 mac laptop is about to s@*t the bed)

temper-pedic neck pillow (you'd think i'm like 100 years old)

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