Monday, December 16, 2013


ok, so even though i am no erin gates of elements of style, i can completely empathize with her post today about being burnt out. i tend to over-work and over-stress myself out on a constant basis (usually about things i can't control of course). i have a difficult time decompressing, always feel like i'm falling behind on my to-do list, can't ever turn off my phone for fear of not being able to respond to a client or friend asap, worry that i'm not doing enough each day even though i literally can barely keep my eyes open past 8:30pm most nights...and yes, the baby thing makes me 10 million times more stressed out than i should be. and you know who suffers because of this(besides me)? everyone else around me. i am not a pleasant person when i feel constantly tired/stressed/anxious.

i was recently advised, as a way to manage my anxiety, to cut 10% off my weekly 'to do' list...but seriously, what do you cut first? i'd blame the holidays, but really, i've had all my xmas shopping pretty much done before thanksgiving...and i feel like this ALL the time, not just this time of year. i've sort of just accepting that this is how i am, always have been, always will be. not that that's a good thing to accept, but i'm not really sure how to turn it 'off' so to speak.

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  1. My to do list is my own worst enemy. You really hit home with me on this one! Sometimes I just have to go through and take some things off the list. Totally helps! Thank you for making me feel more normal! I LOVE YOU!