Tuesday, July 30, 2013

the shout out to the mr...

it's been brought to my attention that i haven't formally given my HUSBAND a shout out in our wedding details. am i already an awful wife???

i was asked on monday how my first week of marriage went, and i replied with a 'blissful'. overstatement? no, not at all. the past week has been nothing short of wonderful...and while we're still figuring out this whole marriage/living together thing, ultimately things have been good and happy and how they should be. i know eventually the bliss will subside and we'll slide into contentment, but i'm hoping we stay like this for as long as possible.

every morning i smile waking up to a sight like this...

...seeing that ring on his finger each morning when i wake up makes me proud. 

for the past 33 years, despite being in a few long-term relationships, i have felt very alone in this life. i am no longer alone. i have a partner in crime, an ally, a cheerleader. and i have someone to love and take care of and be good to in return. ultimately isn't that we are all seeking?

he is a good man. he cares about his family and friends and me. he is loyal and generous and smart. he allows me to be me, but makes sure to tell me when i'm going a little overboard (which is a good thing). he tries to keep me balanced and even-keeled. and we have loads of fun together- our sarcastic sense of humor works well. together we are learning to be good to one another and communicate effectively. we want the same things out of life & i see great things ahead in our future, and i know he does too.

i hate to brag on my blog. there have been many (many, many, many) low points in my life, times when i have been sad, lonely, hopeless, and wanted to tell people to go pound sand for bragging about their own perfect lives too much. but i'm hear to say that my life has been, and still is, far from perfect. i have very deep struggles in my life, even still... one step at a time though, he taught me that. good things come to those who wait- so cliche, i know...i feel like i was waiting  a very long time for it to be my turn, but now it is and i am grateful. my heart is full. 

xoxo to my husband.

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