Tuesday, July 23, 2013

a married lady...

i am returning to blogging a married woman today! i promise to get back to my regular blogging, i've missed it. i'll recap the wedding in my next blog post- i'm still trying to process it all, but wanted to leave you with one of our favorite photos from the wedding over the weekend. my mother let us drive back from the church in her vintage convertible volkswagen bug. my aunt, a very talented florist & landscaper, decorated the car for us as a surprise...it was the best ride of my life!...

this photo was taken by our incredible wedding photographer. i am not even kidding you, they were amazing. if you are getting married in the greater boston area, USE THEM. 


  1. LOVE that photo!!! Pure joy. Congratulations again, Blair. You were such a beautiful bride and all of the photos Meg posted of your wedding were stunning! Glad your day was so stellar.

  2. I just read this and your most recent post and I'm crying! I love you so much - you were the most stunning bride and we literally miss your wedding! SO FUN!!