Monday, December 17, 2012

there are no words...

i drove home to new york this weekend for my cousins wedding...about 1 1/2 hours before i got home my father called to tell me about what happened in newtown, a town just 30 miles north of where we live... a towns exit i pass by every time i come home...a town i probably barely paid any attention to until now... i snapped this photo from my car and i sobbed driving by it, hearing what had happened there literally just hours before...

thank you susan for positing this over the weekend...

There are some griefs so loud

They could bring down the sky,
And there are griefs so still
No one knows how deep they lie,
Endured, never expended.
There are old griefs so proud
They never speak a word
They never can be mended
And these nourish the will
And keep it iron-hard.

Of Grief - May Sartonx

i know that angels were there to greet those children and women as they entered through the gates into heaven...i hope those same angels are with the families of those lost to comfort their pain & sadness.

and i think about my sweet friends this morning who are teachers, as they enter their classrooms. i hope they are safe, i hope they have found the courage & words to comfort their own students, and i hope they know that the world now sees them in a different light- not just teachers of their children, but their daily protectors too. 

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  1. Thank you so much for all your love & support today. You define friendship. XOXOX