Wednesday, November 7, 2012

listen & think...

i don’t usually discuss politics or religion as a general rule of thumb, especially not on social media platforms. and this past election is no exception…holy crap was facebook annoying last night & this morning- i ended up blocking about 1/3 of my ‘friends’ comments, including the people who voted like i did. everyone is entitled to their opinion and should not be persecuted for them- hence the birth of this great nation- but enough is enough. don't gloat and don't hate, so unbecoming of educated people.

i ask two things of all people... 1. listen and 2. think. and let me tell you, it took me a LONG time to follow these two things myself, so i’m not claiming to be perfect by any means.

listen to what other people have to say, don’t just discredit them or their thoughts because they don’t align with yours. you might actually learn something new from listening (imagine that!?!). and think about what you say before it comes flying out of your mouth…i have been very guilty of this, very often, i’m still learning how to keep that under wraps. please remember, you are committing the highest form of ignorance when you blurt out shit like, ‘if so & so becomes president i’m moving to another country’…like, really? fine, go, by all means, we’d get more shit done for this country without your unreasonable, unwilling self. you’re not solving the problem, you’re becoming the problem.

i was talking to someone on the phone last night about the way the electoral map was filling out…

…sort of looks like the battle lines of the civil war- north vs. south- add in a few oddballs out west & florida (florida is a clusterf@*k all together, no offense). not cool people, not cool at all. i think ultimately we all want the same thing (more or less), we just have different ways we think it should be achieved. however, WE ARE AMERICANS, WE ARE HUMANS…let’s not forget this. so before you go blabbing to the virtual world; stop, listen & think…sort of like stop, drop & roll, no?

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