Wednesday, August 29, 2012

we are a pickle family...

i don't know one person in my family who doesn't love a pickles. you may recall my nova scotian pickling day with my mom last year. well this year my stepdad took a different approach to pickling up here and i have to say i really, really like this version of pickles. he got this recipe out of mark bittman's how to cook everything, such a simple recipe for such good, fresh tasting pickles...


kosher deli pickles

1/3 cup kosher salt
1 cup boiling water
2 lbs kirby cucumbers, washed, and cut in half or quartered
5 or more garlic cloves, crushed
1 large bunch fresh dill

1. combine the salt and boiling water in a large bowl; stir to dissolve the salt. add a handful of ice cubes to cool the mixture, then add all the remaining ingredients.
2. add cold water to cover. use a plate slightly smaller than the diameter of the bowl and a small weight to keep the cucumbers immersed. set aside at room temperature. 
3. begin sampling the cucumbers after 4 hours if you’ve quartered them, 8 hours if you’ve halved them. in either case, it will probably take from 12 to 24 or even 48 hours for them to taste pickly enough to suit your taste. 
4. when they are ready, refrigerate them, still in the brine. the pickles will continue to ferment as they sit, more quickly at room temperature, more slowly in the refrigerator. they will keep well for up to a week.

random side favorite picture of me and zip from this vacation... 

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