Sunday, August 5, 2012

the 'soul' of your home...

i've read quite a few books in my adult life, but no author speaks to me the way rick bragg does. he's my favorite. i can hear myself speaking with a southern twang in my head as i read over his words. his book like all over but the shoutin', ava's man and the prince of frogtown literally transport me to alabama, i feel like i'm a part of his story, a part of his family which he write that's a good writer. i hope i have the opportunity to meet him some day, maybe just to hear his southern voice in person.

it's no wonder i took a seriously liking to his expose in august 2012 'southern journal' in southern living magazine on the porch. i've always been a porch lover myself, it was the one 'must have' item (other than a wood burning fireplace) that was on my list for a house of my own. i LOVE my porch, i've sat out on my rocking chair almost every single day that i've lived here, even when it's raining out (that's the best time to sit out there by the way). he describes the kitchen being the heart of the home, but the porch being its soul...amazing. and i love his last few sentences where he says you should basically start with the porch and build the rest of the house around it, brilliant.

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