Wednesday, June 20, 2012

giving back...

just came back from my first 'advancement committee' meeting for the animal rescue league of boston...i'm pumped up people! this winter i was nominated to sit on the board of overseers for the league, which was super exciting for me, and i've had the great fortune of being a part of this new committee to work on fundraising & getting the word out about all the incredible things they are doing. it's no secret how much i love my fur-babies...and if i could, i'd have 10 more of them in my home.

i learned a couple of new things today that i wanted to share...

1. the dedham shelter renovations are over and they have their grand re-opening/ribbon cutting ceremony this weekend from 1-4pm! it's going to be a great day, go check out the new space and adopt a pet while you're at it! but what's most exciting (to me) to learn is that this shelter is up for possibly a gold or platinum LEED certification. do you know how amazing that is? if it obtains the platinum level it will be the FIRST animal shelter in the US to have this certification...that is major!

2. did you know that you can have your own DIY fundraising party for the ARL? i think this is the best thing since sliced bread. so if you're having a birthday party, bah mitzvah, wedding, anniversary party in lieu of gifts you can have your attendees give a gift to the ARL, and they can even do it right online on your very own personal fundraising page. I'm personally thinking about having a summer bbq and asking everyone to contribute a small donation to the ARL.

needless to say i'm happy to be a part of this organization and want to do everything i can do get the word out. i think charitable giving is something everyone should get in the habit of doing... karma is real people. so, if you love me, you like my blog and you love your pet donate, now!

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