Monday, June 18, 2012

female farmers git' 'er done...

don't worry, i'm not making a career change any time soon, but now that i have my own house with my own little plot of land i realize just how much pride i take in maintaining it and growing my flowers & vegetables. every day i come home from work, take a walk around, pull out some weeds, water, fertalize, and sometimes i even talk to my plants (uh oh, i'm turning into THAT lady already).

i read earth mothers, an article in the summer 2012 edible boston issue, about the rise in female farmers and i really connected with it. not that i EVER want to become a full time farmer or own my own farming company, but i certainly wouldn't mind living on a farm and sharing in the work...there's something very satisfying about that kind of work, don't you think?

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