Friday, February 17, 2012

designer for the divorced...

when i was in high school i wanted to start a business shopping for kids of divorced parents, primarily the dad. i thought it would be a huge money-maker, shopping for the holidays/birthdays/etc for fathers who had no clue what to get their kids and no time to do it either. but laziness set in, i never got around to writing a business plan to present to my parents for a start-up loan, and thus my company never took off like i had hoped.

but i just read this article in the new york times, in dire need of design, and my old-company idea has relaunched in my head. i actually thought about doing bachelor pad designs well before i read this article, as i have a slew of guy friends in their early/mid 30's & early 40's here in boston who have great jobs, killer new apartments/houses and no idea of what to do with them...and who are always trying to impress the ladies i might add! i've always got along with guys better than girls, so this niche wouldn't be the worst thing in the world for me...maybe i should consider making the leap into this???

i really love susan manrao's perspective in this article too...

“I realized my role in this project wasn’t simply to design a space,” she said, “but to help rebuild a home.”

In Ms. Manrao’s experience, working with men alone is easier than working with couples or women, because they tend to be more hands-off, affording her greater creative freedom.

Divorced fathers, especially, often want their homes done quickly, to make the transition as smooth as possible for their children, which means they are apt to agree with her design decisions.

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