Tuesday, February 7, 2012

color, color everywhere

ok, i couldn't hold out on showing you the color progress at the house. sorry for the bad shots, i was using my dumpy point & shoot in not the best light.

so the blue trim on the kitchen in gone and the cabinets are all painted. next up, getting rid of the the red walls. everything in here will be ben moore oc-17 white dove...clean, clean, clean looking! can you see my new stainless appliances in there too?...

the back bedroom/office (which used to be the ugliest room in the house) now has gorgeous ben moore hc-159 philipsburg blue walls with white dove trim. i am in LOVE with this room...

the front bedroom is a really bright room (but you can't tell from these pictures) so i went with ben moore 2109-60 portland gray, also with white dove trim. it has a hint of lilac in it, and it's going to be a gorgeous room once we start decorating it...

move in date is this friday...photos of the moved in house to come in a few weeks.


  1. WOW!!! it looks SO amazing, blair. i love the colors you chose for the walls and really can't quite believe how much work you have already done. so exciting!!! good luck on friday! cannot wait to see it decorated.

  2. I agree. Beautiful! I love keeping up on everything you've done. One day I am going to hire you to do my house! Thanks so much for the message tonight... ;) I will call you this weekend! LOVE YOU!

  3. Good for you for losing the red walls. Red is so rarely done right, yet it seems every other home these days has some dreadful maroon/burgundy color that looks like it was designed to cover stains from a previous crime scene.