Friday, June 13, 2014

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not going to lie, i've been seriously slacking on reading this spring/summer... lacking in my blog posts as well too. a few weeks ago the movie black mass, based on the book about the infamous boston mobster james 'whitey' bugler, with jonny depp as the leading character, was filming around the corner from my office and i decided our book group needed to read this since half our members live in southie, the hometown of bulger...

the polish american club of cambridge is one block from my office 

they transformed the club into the famous southie bar, triple o's, for the movie

depp as bulger

i've got to tell you, aside from enjoying the fact that i'm reading about a place i've come to know pretty well in my 14 years living in boston, i am fascinated/obsessed with the relationships between these fbi agents and their informants. being the mega-dork that i am, i've also got a little cheat sheet of what mobsters belonged with what gangs, it's a lot to keep straight...and i've googled the shit out of every single person, every single death, related to this story. there's some f@*ked up shit that happened in the neighborhood i've grown to love and have so many friends living in. 

if you know southie at all, this is a must read.

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