Wednesday, April 10, 2013

saved the day...

i woke up in a bad mood. i am cold (like seriously, where the F is spring already?), i have cramps (i literally downed a million advil and have a dorky heating pad strapped to my back), i have a migraine (story of my life), i have a crap load of annoying emails to respond to (it's hard to refrain from telling people to F-off on a daily basis), and i have a lot of other things on my mind. coming to work is pretty much the last thing i felt like doing this morning.

and then my co-worker comes in, sets this on my desk without a word, and walks away...

...i have the BEST co-workers in the world. i have never needed a D&D iced coffee more in life, he made my day infinitely better. thank you jesus (that's his name, I'm not thanking the Lord).

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