Monday, March 4, 2013

volunteering in the name of the prom...

saturday morning my mom and i had the great pleasure of volunteering at the metrowest princess boutique, an amazing event that allows girls to get prom dresses by easing the financial burden for them and their family. seriously? how awesome is that?...

dresses, shoes, make-up, jewelry, clutches, pashmina's...everything...donated. mom was one of the seamstresses, sewing & tailoring the dresses for each of the girls while i worked over in jewelry accessorizing the girls after they'd selected their dresses. it was so exciting to see the girls trying on their dresses, learning how to put on make-up, and blinging up their outfit with necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets.

i'd definitely like to volunteer at this event next year and will be asking many of you to send me your gently worn shoes, pashmina's, bridesmaid dresses, clutches, jewelry to donate for the 2014 event...AND/OR come volunteer with me. the gfwc marlborough junior woman's club did a great job organizing this event, kudos!


  1. So inspired by you, Blair. Amazing!

  2. count me in for next year. i found a dress the other day, that i could definitely donate.