Monday, September 17, 2012

little art with lots of happiness...

how many times can i say I LOVE ETSY?!?!?! not enough, that's for sure.  my dream (besides moving to a farm in vermont and rehabilitating rescue dogs) is to have a large farmhouse with lots of light and lots of wall space to fill with all the art i love...of course, after i win the lottery so i can actually afford all the art i love. but etsy is my gateway to beautiful art that makes me happy...i buy what i love. and recently i fell in love with these little 4x4 and 5x5 paintings on gessobord from two talented artists, angela moulton of pratt creek art and cynthia haase of cynthia haase fine art. aren't they adorable? and affordable! i can't remember which of the artist recommended a certain frame making company on etsy, but i was in contact with harmony from rustic and refined design to make four custom order frames to fit these little lovelies and they did a wonderful job, don't you think?


love, love, love...thank you to all the artists for creating these little masterpieces which bring me so much joy!

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