Thursday, May 3, 2012

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i know, i know...why am i reading this, right? to be honest, i find it fascinating. in recent years i've been hyper aware of how awful children act in public... and i'm sure my mother would say my sister and i were no angels, in this arena, as children either. so any advantage we can learn from the french, i'm all for.

looking back on my childhood, teenage years, and early 20's even, i realize one thing; my parents parented by fear. not physical fear, but fear of disappointment. yes, there was a lot of pressure to get good grades, be the best in whatever sport we were playing, play an active role in our community, have our friends parents like us, socialize with the 'right' kids, go to the best college, obtain respectable jobs, be self sufficient, be polite, be cultured, etc. and not that i'm complaining about it, i think it's helped me transition into adulthood fairly easily. 

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