Monday, May 2, 2011

10 years later...

i woke up last night to hundreds of people marching down commonwealth avenue chanting U-S-A, U-S-A. i ran outside with the dogs because the site of this was unbelievable, the energy was overwhelming... only to turn on the television to find out our armed forced had killed osama bin laden. as proud as i am of our troops for finally getting the man who plotted against us, i couldn't help but wonder what a friend of mine from college parents were thinking at that moment...where they happy? relieved? do they feel a sense of revenge? or does it only make them miss scott more?...

i read this today on susan piver's blog, maybe you will think differently if you see it like this:

"When we hate, we cause hate. When we think we have won by vanquishing our enemy, we have lost. In killing Osama bin Laden, “they” lose because one of their leaders is gone. But we lose too, because we have deepened the causes and conditions that lead to more hatred and its consequences. This is not over."

my own father was there, working in the world trade center that day. i remember vividly watching what happened my senior year of college unfold on the television, unable to reach my father by phone the entire day, not knowing weather he was in the building or managed to escape. it wasn't until later in the evening we received a phone call from him saying he had seen the whole thing, but that he was safe, he was one of the lucky ones. i'm not sure anyone ever recovers from something like this, regardless of whether the mastermind behind it all is dead or alive. the idea of perpetuating hatred makes me even more scared of what is possibly to come in our lifetime.

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