Friday, April 22, 2011

the urban hound...

i heard about this new dog 'hotel', the urban hound, a few months ago and have been thinking about making a reservation for hank & penny the next time i go out of town (for a short getaway to try it out first in case i go on a longer vacation without them in the near future). it's a lot to ask anyone to watch both penny and hank, especially if they have a dog of their own. and i'm always very hesistant to leave them some place new with new people...they are my babies, i don't want them to feel stressed out without me. when it comes to my 'kids' i spare no expense. i've emailed with the hotel and they have invited us for a tour of the facility whenever we'd like, and i may take them up on it...hell, this looks like a place even i would stay...

i read about the reason behind the hotel on their blog today and it made me feel even more secure about this facility, as the owner, rebecca, shares the same dream i have, to have a place for all animals (but mostly dogs) can come to be taken care of and loved...i'm happy to know there is a fellow animal lover out there pursuing her passion!...
Community. Commitment. Care.

This is my response to the Boston Globe article. For those of you who do not know the history of the Urban Hound Hotel, here is a little about me. I am an animal lover - not just dogs, but all animals. From Fred to Twinkie, from Tippy to Zoe, there were rabbits, kittens, and dogs. Rescued. Wanted. Loved. I wanted to give them the home that they deserved.

The driving force for the hotel is to design a place that all my clients will feel comfortable leaving their dogs while away. Many of these dogs are rescue dogs, dogs that need a little more love and attention. Dogs with families that want nothing more but the best - a home away from home. Is it a luxury facility? Absolutely. We thoughtfully designed a space for thirty-six dogs. We have a staff to dog ratio of one to eight. I believe that each and everyone of these dogs has earned the right to stay in a place that caters to them, that gives them care that they deserve.

Within this, we have created a community not just for the dogs but for the people that love them just as fiercely. Next month, we are launching a pilot program with the ARL. The Shelter Dog in Residence Program is designed to foster a shelter dog in the Urban Hound facilities. Room and board in a luxury suite. Training. Care. Food. You name it, they get it. Our goal is to create an opportunity for these animals to be placed in a loving home but to be a part of their growth and development as well.

This is my dream and our facilities allows me to put my dream into practice - to have the opportunity to help.

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