Wednesday, July 7, 2010

a 'shoes off' kind of place...

"what we do for a living as designers and architects, we did here for ourselves. we have this adage that you have to build a body before you can put clothes on it- the house has to function first before you can decorate it.' -christopher drake

i'll be the first to admit that nantucket can get a little snobby with all those large estates that people only use 3 months out of the year, ostentatious yachts coming in & out of the harbor and disgusting amounts of lily pulitzer & nantucket reds. but not lee bierly & chrisopher drake, of bierly-drake associates, 40'x40' coastal home, it's the perfect size. new england home magazine has a feature on their nantucket home in the july/august 2010 issue, read about it HERE. i am a huge fan on their understanding of having to make the house work spatially & with the right light before you can really fix the cosmetics of it. this house is so freakin' adorable, i wish i could pick it up and transplant it to winthrop...oh, and i think my girls would like their golden retriever too, speedo...

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  1. I love nantucket homes. That one is gorgeous - I like all the subtle hits of pink.

    Thanks for including me on your blog roll :)