Tuesday, May 18, 2010

canine companionship...

a few weeks back my aunt suggested a way of cheering me up, in fact a brilliant idea, volunteer with penny. she mentioned that she knew someone who volunteers with her dog & autistic children and loves it.

now i don't know too much about children, especially not autistic children, but you always hear of foundations like make-a-wish granting special things to children...and not that they are not 100% deserving of such acts of kindness, but i wanted to maybe be involved with a different age group, like the elderly. i have always had a very special relationship with my aging relatives, and sadly it seems as people get older they sort of get forgotten about.

i've done a little research in the last couple of days about local organization that we might be able to connect with and found match-up:pet pals, an organization that provides support and companionship to elderly and disabled adults living in the boston area through pets. we just submitted an application.

i know that volunteering just a few hours a month will make me feel better for sure, thanks aunt kris!

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