Friday, April 9, 2010

i wish i had a big backyard...

i wish i had a big backyard so i could adopt these two fur-babies to add to my growing fur-family. they are a friend of the boyfriends who can no longer keep them, and i am already totally in love with them, look at those faces...

Here's the letter from the owner...

Dear Friends,

After many painful months of trying to make the best of a totally inherited situation, my daughter Meghan and I have decided to try and find another home for her two border collies. Luke is an-almost 5 year old male, black and white smooth-coat border collie, and Scarlet, his sister and litter mate, is the same age but a reddish brown rough-coat border collie. I have enclosed pictures to let you know how cute they are, how good they are with children, and how they must be adopted as a pair because they have never been apart.

Both dogs are very smart, good walkers, and incredibly well-behaved and sweet. You can ask anyone who knows them—most people say: “I can’t believe those dogs!” They stay on my 7,000 square feet of property without being fenced in!! Scarlett, our frisbee, ball , and anything-thrown-in-the-air retriever, has put on a few extra pounds over the winter because we are not able to give her the exercise she needs to stay fit. Luke, even mellower than Scarlett, just likes to go along for part of the run—the part when he brings the prize back to the thrower. Luke tested positive for Lyme disease at his last physical in August (which the vet said is quite common in dogs with no visible signs), has received a regimen of antibiotics and will be rechecked on or before April 19th. We have heartworm medication until September (administered first of the month) and another round of flea and tick medication (administered fifth of the month).

We love these dogs because they are easy to love (Luke is my bed buddy), but it is too much to handle with a 2 ½+ year old, work, and a 19-year old cat who refuses to give up the ghost.

If you or anyone you know of anyone you know can offer these beautiful dogs a loving and caring home (and exercise), please let me know. They would never be sent to a shelter, but they can get more attention than they are getting with us. Thanks for your help.

it's now my mission to find them the perfect home, unless the boyfriend let's them come live with us (i've been begging). if you know anyone in the boston area looking to adopt them both, they cannot be split up, get in touch with me, please.

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